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Pest Control

Environmental Pest Control Company - DC, MD, VA, WV


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Environmental Pest Control Company - DC, MD, VA, WV540-441-7397

Since 2006, Environmental Pest Control has provided professional pest control services in DC, MD, VA, WV. View our pest plans, get a free over the phone estimate, or schedule a free inspection. Whatever your needs are we are here to serve you! Call us today!
We are a full service pest control company that solves all pest issues from general pest control, rodent control, and wildlife removal. Expert pest control from: ants, bees, mosquitoes, mice, spiders, squirrels, and much more!

Pest Control Services - DC, MD, VA, WVEnvironmental Pest Control is a professional pest control company that will rid your home of pests and rodents. Our industry-leading Residential Pest Control Plans keep your home and your family safe and pest free in every season. We believe that successful pest control is more than a one-time visit to a customer's home (reactive approach). That is why our pest programs protect your home from the most common and dangerous pests and rodents in every season. We treat the home for the current conditions but also preparing for a pest- free home 60-90 days in advance (proactive approach). All plans come with our 100% guarantee where we will come back for free until the problem is resolved!Rodent Control - DC, MD, VA, WVEnvironmental Pest Control is a professional rodent extermination company that will rid your home or business from mice, rats, or squirrels. If left unchecked, rodents will make living spaces in your home unsafe because of their feces and urine, which can cause disease and illness. We understand what it takes to quickly get rodent problems under control and completely eliminated. Multiple visits are required to the property, in the first one to two months, to actively manage and solve an active rodent problem. Unfortunately, we are brought in many times to fix customers' rodent problems that other companies could not solve because they do not set up enough equipment and/or because they do not visit the property enough times in the beginning.Wildlife Removal - DC, MD, VA, WVEnvironmental Pest Control is a professional wildlife removal company serving D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. We provide thousands of wildlife removal services every year to our customers. We are experts at humanely removing bats, birds, ground hogs, raccoons, squirrels, and much more from your home. Common wildlife removal problems in our region are: Bird in vent removal, squirrel in attic removal, and trapping services. All of our wildlife removal services come with a 365 day warranty so you have the peace of mind that you have a company that is solving your problem and backing up their workmanship to provide you unparalleled service.
Bed Bug Removal - DC, MD, VA, WVPlain and simple, bed bugs are bad for your home and your business, and there has been an increase of infestations in our region in the past few years. Bed bugs are an issue we hope to never face in a lifetime, however if you are ever struck by an infestation of these pesky characters Environmental Pest Control can help to remove them quickly and effectively.Places like hotels, schools, libraries, movie theaters, college dorms, even restaurants have all been victims of bed bugs, causing annoyance for business owners. While it is almost impossible to prevent a bed bug infestation, if and when they do strike we can remove bed bugs as quickly and painlessly as possible.An Environmental Pest Control, we will perform a thorough free inspection of the property establishing the most effective treatment option for your needs.Termite Control - DC, MD, VA, WVTermites are a problem no home or business owner wants to face during their lifetime. These wood-chewing pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a structure with little or no warning. Virginia, Maryland and Eastern West Virginia are in a moderate to heavy risk zone for termites making their prevention even more important to protect your home investment In fact, real estate contract law requires that a termite or 'wood destroying insect' inspection be conducted within 90 days of the settlement or closing of a home sale. This is why at Environmental Pest Control our goal is to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to the detection of, and control of, termites.Our systems allow for quicker detection and protection from the damaging effects of termites. In addition, we provide an annual termite warranty program where a state certified technician will come onsite for a thorough inspection and you have peace of mind that we warranty your home for 365 days in the event there is any termite activity.
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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Environmental Pest Control offer?

Environmental Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control services, including ant control, bed bug control, centipede control, cockroach control, commercial pest control, lanternfly control, exterminator control, mice and rodent control, mosquito and tick control, organic pest control, rat control, silverfish control, spider control, stinging insect control, stink bug control, termite removal, bird removal, mole and vole removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, and wildlife control.

2. Where does Environmental Pest Control provide its services?

Environmental Pest Control services are available in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and West Virginia (WV). They have multiple locations in these areas to ensure quick and professional pest control solutions.

3. How can I request a free estimate or schedule a free inspection?

To request a free estimate or schedule a free inspection, you can either call Environmental Pest Control at 540-441-7397 or fill out the online form on their website. They will contact you right away to schedule the inspection and provide you with a free estimate to solve your pest problem.

4. What are the most popular pest control services offered by Environmental Pest Control?

The most popular pest control services offered by Environmental Pest Control include ant control, mice and rodent control, mosquito and tick control, bee nest removal, termite control, and squirrel control. These services address common pest issues and provide effective extermination, prevention, and removal solutions.

5. Does Environmental Pest Control offer humane wildlife removal?

Yes, Environmental Pest Control offers humane wildlife removal services. They specialize in removing squirrels from attics, roofs, and soffits using humane methods. Their professional team ensures the safe removal and relocation of wildlife to protect both the animals and your property.

Some reasons to choose

Proactive treatment against the most common and dangerous pests

The company offers pest control plans that provide proactive treatment against the most common and dangerous pests. This ensures that customers' homes or businesses are protected from infestations and potential damage caused by pests.

Interior and exterior ant extermination and prevention

The company specializes in ant control, offering both interior and exterior ant extermination and prevention services. This helps customers eliminate ant infestations and prevent future ant problems.

Mice and rodent extermination, prevention, and entry point seal up

The company provides comprehensive mice and rodent control services, including extermination, prevention, and entry point seal up. This ensures that customers' properties are free from mice and rodents and prevents them from reentering.

Exterior mosquito & tick treatments keep your family safe all summer long!

The company offers exterior mosquito and tick treatments to keep customers' families safe from these pests throughout the summer. This helps prevent mosquito-borne diseases and tick-borne illnesses.

Bee and yellow jacket extermination and prevention services. Bee and wasp nest removal.

The company specializes in bee and yellow jacket extermination and prevention services. They also offer bee and wasp nest removal, ensuring that customers' properties are free from these stinging insects and their nests.
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